Hi my name is James Lagazon and I am here to help you guys on how to purchase second hand items online. I am mainly buying and selling electronic items because it is quick to sell and does not need a large capital. The fun part about it is you can play with your new to you used smartphone, tablets, smartwatch and such.

You may fall in love with your purchase and use it daily rather than selling it.  *cough* like me, occasionally I keep some of my purchase to my self and the wife always tells me that I need to sell it!

Right now, my daily drivers are OnePlus One Smartphone, Apple Macbook for Laptop, Custom Built PC for desktop , Polar Brand Heart Rate Monitor, Jawbone Up2 for my fitness tracker and I shoot my videos and photos with a Canon 6D Full frame DSLR.  I love going outdoors and working out in the gym and with occasional photography on the side.

On this website I will be posting videos  on how to purchase item smartly online, review of the items that I purchased and maybe some giveaways.

I hope to help you guys in the future and please don’t be afraid to subscribe if you find this website or my videos helpful.



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Buying one gadget at a time!